Some of us may be wondering how much does dog cataract surgery cost. While cataract surgery is typically included in health insurance for humans, usually, owners will need to pay the cost in full for their pets, even if they have pet insurance as this is usually not covered by insurance companies.

Should My Dog Have A Cataract Surgery?

Not all dogs can be good candidates for cataract surgery. I would suggest bringing your dog to the vet for a full examination to determine if your dog’s health condition is excellent enough to ensure a successful operation. Older dogs may have more health issues and thus will need to get a thorough examination and the vet’s okay before proceeding. Diabetic dogs typically have higher surgery success rates, as the increased sugar levels in the lens make it softer, and thus easier to remove during the operation.

Dog Cataract Surgery Cost And Procedure

The cataract surgery cost for dogs vary based on a lot of factors, but an approximate cost would be around $3,000 for both eyes. If the operation will only be done for one eye, the cost would be around $2,000 – $2,300. This cost will already cover the eye drops pre-surgery, anaesthesia, surgery fee, 7-day post-surgery eye drops and a number of follow-up visits.

Antibiotic and steroid eye drops will need to be applied a week before the surgery. The procedure during the surgery is almost the same as that administered for humans. A general anaesthetic is applied alongside a neuromuscular block to help improve access to the eye. From there, an incision is made to remove the cataract, and an intraocular lens inserted. The area is stitched up afterwards.

An Elizabethan collar will need to be worn by your dog afterwards to ensure that the eye area is well protected.

Factors In Determining Dog Cataract Surgery Cost

While the above estimate provides a good ballpark figure for those of us considering this operation for our dogs, my suggestion is to find a good vet, sit down and thoroughly discuss your dog’s unique condition as several factors may affect the cost involved. Some of these include: dog size and weight, anaesthesia and lab work requirements, medications needed, and any post-surgical procedures required.

Post-Surgical Care

Apart from the antibiotic drops that you’ll need to apply to the operated eye, your dog will also need to be examined the day after the surgery, on day 3, 10, and 24 after the surgery. The fees for these visits are usually already included in the cost estimate given.

I would recommend bringing your dog to the vet every six to twelve months afterwards just to monitor and ensure a healthy eye condition. In most cases, cataracts do not grow back and your dog is given new eyesight to enjoy. As a dog-lover myself, I know how gratifying it can be to be able to give that to your dog.

To wrap it up, just make sure to do due diligence on all pertinent details prior to the surgery and follow all instructions given. I guarantee that the $2,000 or $3,000 dog cataract surgery cost will be more than worth the investment in giving your dog a new lease on life.

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